Tip for Preparing Your Website for Voice Search Optimization in 2021
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August 1, 2017
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Tip for Preparing Your Website for Voice Search Optimization in 2021

Voice Search Optimization Tip

Google Assistant, an app for voice search which is now available in various languages, and for all kind of Smartphones. As per the current statics, we can no longer ignore voice search. At the moment, Google gets over 20% of queries on its mobile app, and smartphone devices are voice searches. Google expects that by 2021, 60% of all searches will be voice searches. Do you want to know what to take into account for optimizing your site for voice searches? Read this blog, I have done my in-depth analysis and figured out many things that need to be taken into consideration for Voice Search Optimization.

Google has not been involved with Google RankBrain for the last few years. RankBrain recognizes the relationship between certain topics and words. Google has announced that their speech recognition does not even understand 8% of searches. Due to the increasing use of voice search, our search behavior is also changing. The importance of specific keywords is getting smaller, and the value of more extended and specific questions becomes greater.

What Is Voice Search?

Google Voice Search is a Google product launched in August 2014 that allows users to use Google Search by speaking on a mobile phone or computer. Instead of typing into google search bar all you need to speak your query or keyword and Google will give you an answer in an interactive way.

What does voice search mean for SEO?

We use full sentences for a voice-driven search. The robotic short searches will therefore continue to decrease. The first step that needs to be set for voice search optimization in 2021 is finding the user query intention. How will your audience look different during a voice-driven search than a written search? For this, it is important to realize that voice-driven searches are often carried out when you really need something, for example calling a company.

Use intention of voice search

How do you find out if the usage intention is different by voice search? And how do those searches differ? Let me help you with an example.

“Tom is watching TV on the couch. He sees a commercial passing over teeth whitening. He wonders what the risk is of teeth whitening. If he typed this into a search engine, his search would probably be his ‘risk of teeth whitening’. However, he now uses voice search, and he speaks in ‘what is the risk of teeth whitening’. So make sure that this question (and the answer) can be found literally on your website.”

Have you found out what the intended use of your target group is? And how these searches differ from the typed searches? With this knowledge, you can optimize the web pages so that these keywords and keyword combinations are part of your content.

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Tips for Voice Search Optimization:

How do you get started with optimizing the website for voice-search? Keep this simple step-by-step plan in mind and optimize your website for Voice search:

1. Use conversation-oriented longtail keywords

Voice search searches are about entire sentences. So, use of more longtail keywords and conversational phrases should be used in the content of the site.

2. Formulate frequently asked questions

Think carefully about which questions visitors can possibly ask. Prepare the list by asking, if necessary, through acquaintances or customers. Then check what search volume on them through Google keyword planner or any other tool you know about. Now, You can include those longtail keywords on your website in ‘frequently asked questions’ or ‘FAQ’ section.

3. Get familiar with schema.org markup codes

Do you want to help search engines to understand the content on your website? Then use schema.org markup codes, also called ‘rich snippets’. Search engines understand this code language, so you can explain to them that a blog is a blog and that a product is a product. This increases your chances to better rank.

If you need help with voice search optimization of your website and prepare your site as per the voice search trends, then buzz me up, I am always available to help you out.

Jagdish Prajapat
Jagdish Prajapat
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