7 Things About Digital Marketing Your Boss Wants To Know
The Top 10 Digital Marketing Trends to Focus on for Near Future
August 1, 2017

7 Things About Digital Marketing Your Boss Wants To Know

Digital marketing is a very novel form of marketing. The media products and services are promoted online with the help of distribution channels to reach potential buyers in an appropriate and profitable manner. It has not any specific definition but it can be well understood if we see marketing emails, online advertisements, pay per click advertising, text messages, RSS, blogging, video streams, podcasting, broadcast, etc.

If you are a marketing manager of your company, you develop strategies to optimize your website to increase traffic,  increase sales, retain customers, tone-up your brand value and hike your return on investment. The biggest irony of digital manager’s life is that she/he plans the idea and together she/he has to survive the deep questionnaire with the boss.

How important is the strategy?

Before implementing a new plan and abandoning the present-one needs complete clarification. This is the responsible step of the process where you have to win the situation by putting essential reasons for adopting a new plan. Some important questions you can ask yourself to be clear about your own plan.

1)      What is the plan itself?

2)      Why we need this plan?

3)      For what purpose this plan is going to be implemented?

4)      Does the present plan strongly need to replace? If so, Why?

5)      Can we rely on it for long term or it is temporary?

6)      Does it beat our competitors?

If you dive into the depth of these kinds of questions, you can better define your own plan to yourself as well as to others. Go through current market standards, realize your budgets, keep an eye on your competitors and prepare a concise list of your strategies and present it to your boss.

Will it be fruitful for service users?

This is really important to make the plan useful as per user’s perspective. The end product is for the users and if your users are not influenced by the way of promotion of the desired product or services, you can never move with the plan. So think wisely and design the plan with respect to your users’ demands. Understand their behavior and stay updated with the latest digital marketing trends so that you can steal their attention.

Can it work with a previous plan?

Make your boss aware of the losses the enterprise is suffering from existing marketing strategy. The new strategy must be the resilience for all the loss and lack. Focus on the potential of your plan and you can take some positive traces of existing plan so that the previous one gets the modification. Your boss will feel that there is not a big change to implement, but it’s a modification. Your task will be easy at this point.

What does it cost?

Do you know what he/she wants to hear now? She/he wants numbers. What ROI do we get? What is the short-term and long term cost?  Do research and analyze the cost and come ahead with a planned and under the budget plan. Make alternatives to implement the plans in flexible ways. Such as you can implement the plan halfway and generate some outputs to make up the cost of remaining implementation.

This will really work out in a way that the plan itself making the cost of its remaining implementation and adapting company’s needs. Make your SEO strategies for radio campaigns and calculate the ROI.

How will the results be measured?

Once the plan is finalized, the boss would like to know the results. Design the plan with solid measures of success. Make different metrics such as how the sales will boost, how we get the most of the traffic for website, social media activities, web searches, email subscribers and customers.

These real result models make a good impact and source of trust to implement the plan. Stick with your plan and its goals to win the trust of your boss. Marketing is a risk and one who knows how to manage the resources in an accurate manner can turn this risk into a result-oriented approach.

After having a Plan

Now let’s consider the below points which are good to take the insight of the second step after getting a plan. Here we’re giving a brief description of simple dos or don’ts which you can keep in your mind to avoid basic errors.

Keep it simple

Don’t overdo things. Keep it extremely simple, precise and to the point. The same strategy you have to follow for a plan, for website or app also, if your company uses apps. Don’t put heavy images, videos and too much text on every page. Optimize task-oriented content so the look of the pages does not distract users and more content means more time to get the load.

Facebook friendly

Facebook is a big social platform and marketers are more likely to use Facebook marketing to strengthen their brands. There is a reason behind this as your customers will be highly influenced by your social media existence. You can promote any new services or products without spending a single penny. In this way, your plan must be Facebook friendly.

Let’s wrap up

Every successful story was a plan once. So why not begin yours? This article relates to marketers as well as digital marketing services. Making your brand strong online is not a roller coaster ride, but needs a smart team to drive the best efforts for you. You can hire the best digital marketing team or individual freelance SEO expert also.

The in-house manager can also manage these essential activities for you. It is beneficial for an organization to grow constantly where success is never the second option.

Jagdish Prajapat
Jagdish Prajapat
Jagdish Prajapat is a professional digital Marketer & SEO expert in India with the idea of digitizing the way brand talk to people. I breathe digital, think digital and talk digital. Connect with me on my Official Facebook and Linkedin Profile.

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