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A well-informed and professionally designed website is necessary for any kind of online business or services. But, what if the site is not visible to the potential customer online? Do you know ranking higher in Google’s search results can bring an enormous amount of new business? Do you also know Google loves Optimized sites?

To achieve all the above objectives, you need to hire SEO expert who will not only rank your site but also optimize your website content, website design, website conversions for the desired keyword Phrases. Jagdish Prajapat is well-known SEO expert in India. You can Hire him today for all your online marketing needs and get the best internet marketing solutions for your website SEO. His Organic Search engine Optimization services in India help you get quality organic traffic without spending a single penny on paid ads networks.

Best SEO experts in India

Are you looking to hire an trusted SEO Expert in India? Who can rank your website to the 1st page or at a prominent position on Google search results? If yes, then we are one of the best Search engine optimization expert in India. We are offering our services in various parts of India as an best SEO Experts in Mumbai, Delhi, Udaipur, Jaipur, Hyderabad, etc. We are one of the fastest emerging Search engine optimization service provider in India. We have a thorough knowledge of over 200 Search engine ranking factors, and we keep utilizing our latest Seo techniques.
Our SEO Expert in Udaipur cater entirely to our client's requirements, at the same time maintaining pace with the dynamic Search marketing trends. Differentiated through the massive seasoned experience, knowledge base, ethical practices and devoutness to customer satisfaction. Whatever your Local Search marketing need may be, allow SEO Expert in India to work with you and guaranteed SEO success including a huge ROI. As an top SEO consultant in India, we have our foundation firmly laid on three pillars - Quality, Low-cost Solutions and Worth For Money.

Why Choose me as Your SEO Expert

  1. We have proved ourselves as the top Google SEO consultant in India
  2. Our dedicated Internet marketer will help you dominate your niche market by optimizing your website SEO as per modern and standard Search engine ranking guidelines set by the major search engines.
  3. Being a reputed SEO consultant in India, we strive hard to offer best viable Internet marketing solutions to our clients.
  4. We treat each website differently, and we employ unique & Enhanced Search engine optimization strategy for each site.
  5. With 50+ convinced clients across the globe and a customer retention rate of 99%, we pride ourselves on one of the biggest records for successful delivery of Digital SEO marketing services in India
  6. Our team have more than five years experience and know everything about SEO & Internet Marketing Industry
  7. We are respected team of SEO Freelancers in India and believe in providing quality and result oriented SEO. We are recognized for our moral approach, and we do not guarantee mysterious top 10 rankings in search engine result page (though almost all our projects enjoy top 10 rankings in top search engines)
  8. Our SEO expert are extremely affordable and depend in the Projection and keyword Competition.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of the most common questions we get.

What is organic SEO?

Organic SEO is getting your website to the top of Google either in the Maps or at the top of search results.This means you will then get free traffic coming to your website every month.Google Adwords can be expensive and only around 10% of people click on them, the other 90% click on an organic search result, so it is good to be there.

How much does it cost to hire a search engine optimization expert?

There is a lot of work involved in doing SEO right, so we start our packages at £1000 per month.However, at this price, it will take a lot longer to rank at the top of Google.For most businesses, we recommend our £1500 per month package as it has the best value.If you are in a difficult niche like lawyers then you really need to go for the £3000 or £5000 package because the competition is very strong.

Why is SEO so expensive?

There are cheaper SEO solutions than ours, but we use all the best tools ensuring your website moves to the top of Google and stays there when we do.Our SEO techniques require the best tools for the job and as you can imagine they are not cheap.So you may think you are getting a good price somewhere else but it will take longer so it will be more expensive in the long run.

Will you increase organic traffic to my website?

Yes, we will because we will do extensive keyword research so we can find the best search terms to rank in Google for.We will look at what search terms your competition is getting the most traffic for because our goal is to find and copy the success formula.

What kind of link building will you do?

We only do safe and secure link building because we want our results to last. We look for high powered websites that are in your niche.The link building we do may take a little bit longer nowadays because Google is taking longer to pass the value of those links on to your website. What matters is consistency and stacking good links on top of good links.

How long does search engine optimisation take?

The minimum time frame you should be looking at is 6 months.This is for websites that are already up and running and in uncompetitive niches.If you are in a competitive market then you could be looking at 12 to 18 months.On average 6 to 12 months is a good rule of thumb to get to the top of Google with our search marketing SEO strategies.

How will you improve my conversion rate on my website?

We do this in a few ways. We look at what your customers are searching for in Google to see which web pages are getting the most traffic.Then our web designers will optimise those pages with great content marketing and top technical SEO.A higher conversion rate means mores customers for your business and higher long term business growth.

Will you rank me in the Google Maps?

If you are a local business we can get you in the top 3 of Google Maps.It does depend on the competition as to how long it will take to get there, but with consistent effort, we can get you there.

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