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For a successful online business, you need a well-designed website. But what if people can't find it on Google? Ranking higher on Google can bring in a lot of new customers. And guess what? Google loves websites that are optimized!

To achieve all the superior objectives, you need to hire an SEO Expert. They won't just boost your site's ranking but also enhance your website content, design, and user interface to drive more conversions. Jagdish Prajapat is well-known SEO Expert in India. You can Hire him today for all your online marketing needs and get the best organic SEO service for your online business. Our search engine optimization expert in India helps you get quality organic traffic without spending a single penny on paid ads networks.

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Sahila Chugh
Sahila Chugh
I've had the pleasure of working with Jagdish Prajapat, an SEO expert, and I must say he's exceptional at what he does. His insights, tailored strategies, and consistent results have not only boosted our online presence but have also propelled my mobile brand e-commerce website to the front page of Google. This enhanced visibility has translated into substantial organic revenue generation. Jagdish's professionalism and unwavering commitment to our project have been truly remarkable. I wholeheartedly recommend his SEO consulting service.
Arjun Ganjsinghani
Arjun Ganjsinghani
He's a true asset to any digital marketing team. Highly recommended!
vivek jain
vivek jain
Jagdish Prajapat is an outstanding SEO consultant from India. His expertise in optimizing websites for search engines is truly impressive. Jagdish's strategies have significantly improved our online visibility and organic traffic. His dedication, attention to detail, and results-driven approach make him an invaluable asset. Highly recommended for anyone seeking top-notch SEO services.
Rahul Sharma
Rahul Sharma
Jagdish is an exceptional SEO expert. His deep knowledge and innovative strategies have significantly improved our website's search rankings. He's a true asset to any digital marketing team. Highly recommended!
Vijendra Singh
Vijendra Singh
He is know his stuff. Rich experience in seo domain.
Harshit Bhatt
Harshit Bhatt
He is best guy i have ever seen in the SEO industry highly recommended 👍
sanjay upadhyay
sanjay upadhyay
Great knowledge, the way Mr jagdish deliver his services it's all extraordinary. He is one of the best seo expert to whom I know. Best wishes..
Hitendra Singh Rathore
Hitendra Singh Rathore
I would address him as an SEO wizard. One of the most experienced and skilled SEO expert in india I have met till date. Jagdish has in-depth knowledge of search engines and their working machanism and this allows him to formulate the best & most approximate SEO execution strategies. Being the subject matter expert, he always knows what he's doing in terms of SEO. I learned a lot from him.

Top-Rated SEO Expert & Consultant in India

Are you searching for a trusted SEO expert in India who can Rank your website to the top of Search Engine Result Page? Look no further! We are among the best Search Engine Optimization experts in India, offering our services in various regions, including Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Jaipur, Hyderabad, and more.

As one of the fastest emerging freelance SEO experts in India, we possess in-depth knowledge of over 200 search engine ranking factors and consistently apply the latest SEO techniques. Our SEO specialist in India is dedicated to meeting your specific needs while staying current with dynamic search marketing trends.

Distinguished by our extensive experience, ethical practices, and unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction, we are here to address all your local search marketing requirements. Partner with SEO Expert India for guaranteed SEO success and a substantial return on investment.

As a leading SEO consultant in India, our approach is built on three pillars: Quality, Cost-Effective Solutions, and Value for Money. Contact us today and take the first step towards achieving SEO excellence.

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Why We Are The Best SEO Expert In India

  • Data-Driven Decisions: Our success as the leading Google SEO specialists in India is powered by data-driven decisions. We meticulously analyze and interpret SEO data to make informed choices that boost your website to the top of search engine rankings and fuel organic growth.
  • Proven Excellence: We've established ourselves as the premier Google SEO specialists in India through our commitment to organic growth and data-driven strategies. Our results speak for themselves, as we continually optimize websites using data-backed SEO strategies to achieve top search engine rankings.
  • Niche Domination: Our dedicated freelance SEO experts optimize your website in line with the latest search engine ranking guidelines, using data-driven strategies that help you dominate your niche market. We customize our SEO approach to your specific niche, giving you a competitive edge.
  • Tailored Strategies: We take a personalized approach, crafting unique and enhanced SEO strategies for each website we work on. This ensures that our SEO strategy aligns with your specific needs and goals. Our data-driven approach guarantees that every strategy is tailored to your website's unique requirements.
  • Impressive Track Record: With 100+ satisfied clients worldwide and an impressive 99% customer retention rate, our data-driven approach to SEO has consistently delivered successful digital marketing services in India. Our commitment to data-backed decision-making has resulted in a strong track record of satisfied clients and top search engine rankings.
  • Experienced Team: Our team boasts more than 10+ years of experience in the SEO and internet marketing industry, providing us with a wealth of knowledge and expertise to inform our data-driven decision-making process. Our experienced team is well-versed in SEO and internet marketing, making data-backed decisions based on years of experience.
  • Ethical Practices: We prioritize ethical SEO practices, and our data-driven approach ensures that we don't make unrealistic promises of achieving instant top 10 rankings in search engine result pages. However, our proven methods often lead to top 10 rankings in major search engines over time, thanks to our commitment to data-driven, ethical SEO practices.
  • Affordable Pricing: Our Experienced SEO experts offer competitive pricing based on your project's requirements and keyword competition, ensuring that your investment in data-driven SEO strategies provides exceptional value. We offer competitive pricing for our data-driven SEO services, making it an affordable and effective choice for your digital marketing needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of the most common questions I get.
1What is organic SEO?
Organic SEO is getting your website to the top of Google either in the Maps or at the top of search results. This means you will then get free traffic coming to your website every month. Google Adwords can be expensive and only around 10% of people click on them, the other 90% click on an organic search result, so it is good to be there.
2Who is best SEO expert in India
Jagdish Prajapat is a top-rated SEO Expert based in India, with a proven track record of delivering exceptional SEO services to businesses across various economic sectors, earning him the title of "SEO Expert India. With years of hands-on SEO work, I've tested different factors that affect search rankings, giving me a solid grasp of what works. I've helped many startups and businesses of all sizes improve their online growth and visibility over time. Being recognized as the Best SEO Expert in India, I specialize in optimizing websites to achieve higher search engine rankings for keywords that drive traffic and revenue. With a proven track record of delivering exceptional SEO services across various economic sectors, I prioritize the use of ethical WHITE HAT SEO Techniques from 2023 to ensure sustainable and effective results. My goal is to leverage this expertise to propel your online business to new heights.
3What includes in My SEO Consultancy services in india?
On page Optimization: Our Services Include:

  • Keyword research
  • Content Optimization and content strategies formulation
  • Website informational architectural analysis and optimization
  • Establishing usable website navigation structure
  • Meta tags creation and optimization
  • Improving the code of a website and HTML markup

Off page SEO: Our Services Include

  • Establishing links to the website from the domains of the authority
  • Creating local as well as global business listings of your business for gaining more credibility
  • Business profiles Creations
  • Content marketing on Article Posting sites
  • Outreach activity to increase trust and credibility among search engine
  • Using Press Releases for making your presence on the online PR media felt
4How much does it cost to hire a search engine optimization expert in India?
Our Pricing mostly depend upon difficulty of the keywords and efforts required to rank them on front page of Google. There is a lot of work involved in doing SEO, So our Monthly SEO packages start from 12,000 INR per month. However, at this price, it will take a lot longer to rank at the top of Google. For most businesses, we recommend our 20,000 -25,000 INR per month package as it has the best value.
5Why Does your Business need Search Engine Optimization Consultant?
In this competitive world, every business wants to expand its reach to the maximum number of customers and SEO is the best thing to achieve it. Here are the top reasons which force all business to hire SEO expert:
  • Increase Brand Awareness: Good SEO services make your website popular and help you earn a good Brand awareness and so do we. We help you to make your brand more trustable.
  • Get More Number of Leads: Doing SEO in India can help you gain a number of organic leads for your business. Our authentic results make us the Best SEO consultant in India.
  • Increase in Sales: When you rank high on the Google Search Engine Result Pages then for sure, you are going to get a guaranteed increase in sales.
  • Your competitors are already doing SEO: This is an era of competition and everyone wants to stand on the top of it. Due to this, your rival companies are already doing this and getting more leads and increased sales.
6What are the Advantages of Hiring SEO Expert for your business?
  • Lower Costs: SEO marketing is one of the cheapest marketing methods in the online world and a lot more cheaper than offline marketing.
  • Track your audience and customers: With SEO services, you can easily track the user traffic on your website based on region, device, and age group.
  • Organic Leads: Our organic SEO services in India generates organic leads for you which are very genuine and free of cost.
  • High Conversion Rate: The leads generated via our SEO are more likely to be converted in permanent consumers boosting your daily sales.
  • Increased Brand Awareness: Doing SEO of your website will rank it higher on the result pages making your website and business popular.
7How long does search engine optimisation take?
The minimum time frame you should be looking at is 6 months. This is for websites that are already up and running and in uncompetitive niches. If you are in a competitive market then you could be looking at 12 to 18 months. On average 6 to 12 months is a good rule of thumb to get to the top of Google with our search marketing SEO strategies.
8Benefits of availing SEO Expert Services from me?
  • Work with the latest Google Algorithms: Our experts always follow the latest Google algorithms while doing SEO to stay ahead of the crowd.
  • A huge number of Leads: With organic SEO services in India, the user traffic on Google will divert to your website giving you numerous leads.
  • Increase in Sales: When thousands of consumers would visit your website, ranked no.1, looking for relevant products and services then hundreds of them will hire or purchase your product resulting in high sales.
  • Online Reputation Management: Along with doing SEO and ranking your website higher, we also keep in mind that your business’s reputation in the online world should be maintained at a very good level.
9Why Choose me as your Freelance SEO consultant in India?
As per our features, you are left with no better options for SEO consultants in India except us. We are the best and we have excellent local SEO experts giving you the best results and outcome in your business. We understand our client’s business website as ours and work dedicatedly towards making it better and popular. Our SEO services are free of cost, we only charge for the labor fees. Thus helping you make more profits at nominal prizes.
10What are the top qualities to look for in an SEO expert?
  • Years of SEO Experience:- I have more than 5 Years of SEO experience.
  • Deep Understanding of All Three SEO Levels - Technical, Onpage and Off-Page Optimization
  • Proven Track Record of SEO Success - We have proven SEO records, and we have collaborated with more than 100+ clients, both national and International. You can read about our case studies here
  • Marketing Savvy: An SEO Expert must have a deep understanding of the latest marketing strategies and growth hack methods. Being a marketing-savvy SEO expert places you ahead of the race and opens up new opportunities to grow your business.
  • An understanding of the Big Picture - A right SEO specialist will see the big picture. Know in detail what needs to be done to get a higher ranking in Google. Because why spend 10 hours on something that yields only minimal results if something else gives more results with 2 hours? A good SEO specialist makes the right decisions and knows how to achieve the fastest outcomes.
12Who are the best SEO Consultant in the world?
To make it clear we have prepared the list of top SEO experts from the world:-
  • SEO Expert Neil Patel
  • Neil Patel is a well-known blogger, Search engine Optimization expert, and a serial entrepreneur who has launched several successful start-ups. He is also a well-known author of several books, including "The Definitive Guide to Growth Hacking" and "Hustle: The Power to Charge Your Life with Money." Renowned as a New York best-selling author.

  • SEO Expert Rand Fishkin
  • Counted among the most successful entrepreneurs in America, he began his career by co-founding Moz. Rand Fishkin went through many ups and downs like every budding entrepreneur. He made his breakthrough in the world of SEO with his book – The Art of SEO 2009, which he co-authored. It brought him into the limelight as a Search Engine Optimization expert. He also authored for Lost and Founders and helped the people with his video tutorials and writings.

  • SEO Expert Brian Dean
  • If you are aware of the award-winning website - Backlinko, you must know Brain Dean. An SEO expert, he has been dubbed by Entrepreneur.com as an 'SEO genius,' and Inc Magazine mentioned him as a 'great entrepreneur.' When Semrush decided to acquire Backlinko, the industry eyes were on him.

  • SEO Expert Matt Cutts
  • Regarding Google and SEO, Matt Cutt is the name that every digital marketer knows. Starting as a software engineer, he sailed through an interesting career journey of becoming the Head of Google’s webspam team. But, How did this mathematics graduate become a Google expert?

  • SEO Expert Matt Diggity
  • Matt Diggity has an engineering background and has developed mastery in SEO and digital marketing. He has been featured in The New York Post and Search Engine Journal. Ahrefs recognized his expertise in this field, and they listed him in a list entitled "Top SEO Blogs to Follow" published by them.


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