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Matt Cutts, Google's Former Head of Web Spam and SEO Expert

Regarding Google and SEO, Matt Cutt is the name that every digital marketer knows. Starting as a software engineer, he sailed through an interesting career journey of becoming the Head of Google’s webspam team. But, How did this mathematics graduate become a Google expert?

In this blog post, we will explore Matt Cutts' career journey as SEO Expert.

Who is Matt Cutts?

Matthew Cutts is a former administrator of the US Digital Service and an American software engineer. In October 2018, he was appointed as full administrator after being designated acting administrator. Cutts previously worked as a representative of Google's search quality department on search engine optimization issues. He was previously Google's head of the internet spam section.

Cutts got his start in SEO while studying for his Ph.D. at the prestigious University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill. He joined Google as a software developer in January 2000. At the 2007 PubCon, Cutts stated that his subject of study was computer science; he then shifted into the field of information retrieval and professional search engine optimization.

Cutts also worked in the advertising engineering Google division and built SafeSearch, Google's family filter. He got the moniker Porn cookie guy by handing out his wife's handmade cookies to each Googler who gave an example of unwelcome pornography in the search results.

Matt Cutts At Glance


Matthew Cutts

Date of Birth

October 22, 1972

Place of Birth

Kentucky, United States


Software engineer, computer scientist

Zodiac Sign



50 years





Body Measurement

49" chest, 41" waist, and 16" Biceps

Best Selling Book

Gadgets, Google, and SEO

Popular Video Series

Try something new for 30 days

Popular Blog

The Matt Cutts blog


Cindy Cutts

Net worth 

$ 8 million

Early Days of Matt Cutt’s Career

Cutts joined Google in January 2000, and one of his first tasks was to create the company's first-generation family-friendly search engine, "Safe Search." This initiative exposed him to the problem of internet spamming, which led to his appointment as Google's director of web spam and a renowned engineer.

He began his career in Google's advertising department before moving on to quality control. He managed the spam prevention section, which he also formed, from 2004 to 2015. He has been a significant leader in the technological area during and after his tenure at Google; a Wall St newspaper journalist characterized him as "to search results what Alan Greenspan was to interest rates."

At Google, he started a blog extensively read by industry professionals. He frequently mentioned Google and other tech difficulties. As an expert SEO professional, he was frequently a company spokesman regarding search engine optimization issues for the media and companies.

Cutts went on a leave of absence from Google in 2014 to enjoy time with the family, and the sabbatical gave him the chance to start with the U.S. Digital Service, a three-month term that grew into a years-long series of articles.

Matt Cutt on the 30-day challenge – His Famous Video Series

In a fast and entertaining Ted-Ed Talk, Matt Cutts suggests setting and achieving goals by being persistent for 30 days. "The notion is fairly straightforward," he says. "Consider adding something to your life that you've always wanted to try over the next 30 days."

He argues that 30 days is the "ideal period to build a new routine or kick an old one out of your mind." He highlights the numerous things he gained from implementing 30-day challenges in his life, such as the positive memories he made and the boost in his confidence.

Matt Cutt's explanation on how Google Engine Works

“We are always discussing what must be done for the website to be on page one and get the number one place on Google. When we submit a search request, Google,” according to Matt Cutts, asks hundreds of questions of the numerous URLs in its directory Questions like:

  • How often do the keywords we typed appear on a web page?
  • Do such terms appear in the headline or web address of the site?
  • Is the website linked to numerous other websites (and are these websites reliable)?
  • Is there a list of synonyms for such terms on the website? , etc.

If you can solve these questions correctly, you will be ranked higher.

10 Powerful tips from Matt Cutt, Google's former employee

Matt offers some important advice for website owners who have submitted their sites for SEO assessment. Here are 10 crucial tips from Cutt for budding digital marketers:

  1. It's usually a good idea to build your home page with keyword-rich material. If you have a well-designed website but no text, it will not benefit you in search engines.
  2. Wrong keywords can help you rank high, but only for the wrong reasons.
  3. If you are the author or website owner of a website with outstanding photographs and ideas, you will require appropriate text to accompany your image.
  4. If you use blogging software such as WordPress, ensure it is up to date.
  5. Create a browser-compliant website.
  6. Ensure your description contains the finest keywords possible, as certain search engines will almost discard much of the text beyond a few hundred characters.
  7. Create an identity for yourself, and your brand name will take care of the rest.
  8. Do not just lose concentration when you have a blog. For example, don't make your company blog more personal.
  9. You completed your SEO correctly, but there is always the possibility that you did not select the appropriate keywords. The best approach is to utilize Google's keyword tool, or even better, to look it up in the server log file.
  10. Use SEO-friendly URLs.

Matt Cutts Net Worth

Matt Cutts was the leader of Google's Webspam team, which works with the search quality team on search engine optimization issues. His net worth is $ 8,00,000, divided as $ 4,00,000 each year, $32,000 per month, and $ 8,000 per day.

Key Takeaway

Matt Cutts is an expert SEO personnel who works for the USDS, a nonpartisan technology organization in the President's Executive Office that enhances government services used by millions of Americans. He is well-known for his 30-day challenges to trying new things and is an ardent (albeit slow) long-distance runner.

He joined Google in 2000 and quickly rose to the head of its webspam team. He was responsible for ensuring the quality of Google's search results and answering queries concerning search engine optimization and ranking algorithms. He is accredited for creating the original version of Google's family filter and SafeSearch.