Quick Timeline of Rand Fishkin

1979 Born in Seattle
1993 Involved in World Wide Web
2004 Created SEO Moz
2007 Became the CEO of MOZ
2008 Married with Geraldine DeRuiter
2014 Stepped Out from MOZ

Rand Fishkin: For his Incredible Contribution to the SEO World

If you are aspiring to learn the Art of SEO, Rand Fishkin is the name you need to know. An SEO pioneer, CEO of Moz, and author of renowned books, Rand Fishkin, played a crucial role in shaping many startups based on search engine optimization. He has more than 17 years of experience building online brands and driving their revenue exceptionally. 

Counted among the most successful entrepreneurs in America, he began his career by co-founding Moz. Rand Fishkin went through many ups and downs like every budding entrepreneur. He made his breakthrough in the world of SEO with his book – The Art of SEO 2009, which he co-authored. It brought him into the limelight as a Search Engine Optimization expert. He also authored for Lost and Founders and helped the people with his video tutorials and writings. 

With over 2 million users worldwide, Moz is today renowned as search engine optimization software that SEO around the globe trust. 

SEO Expert Rand Fishkin's Biography


Rand Fishkin

Date of Birth

July 10, 1979

Place of Birth

Seattle, Washington, United States


Entrepreneur, Digital Marketing Expert, Author, Public Motivational Speaker

Zodiac Sign



43 years





Body Measurement

43" chest, 34" waist, and 13" Biceps

Best Selling Book

Lost & Founder

Popular Video Series

Whiteboard Friday

Popular Blog

Moz Blog/ SparkToro


Geraldine DeRuiter

Net worth 

$ 12 million 

Beginning with Moz

Together with her mother, Gillian, Fishkin co-founded Moz after dropping college. Ranking businesses has become the priority, giving way to a new industry, search engine optimization. Google has become the undisputed leader surpassing the search engines like Yahoo and AltaVista. Its powerful algorithms give Google accurate and quick results on its top searches. 

After deeply analyzing the trends, Fishkin comes up with the business idea to help the businesses to top these search engines. It gave a foundation for Moz.com. As enterprises are desperate today to top the search engines, Fishkin capitalizes on the opportunity to start its business from his hometown, Seattle. 

At its inception, he primarily focused on web designing and was clueless about SEO. He decided to hire contractors, and in 2004, Moz came into inception. He learned the traits of PR and marketing from the small business run by his mother. These skills further helped Fishkin to stand out from the crowded SEO space. 

Moz blog has soon covered the path from an unknown blog to the SEO empire that marketers worldwide adore. He has remained Moz CEO for more than seven years. The employee strength for Moz raised from 7 to 135. Moz also witnessed revenue growth of $800,000 to $30 million. 

The Whiteboard Friday Series by Rand is popular among the masses as the best SEO tutorial online. 

Today Moz is an indispensable tool for many marketers!

After nurturing Moz for many years, Rand finally quit in 2014. He stepped down as the CEO of Moz and became the contributor by retaining the title 'Wizard of Moz.' 

Co-Founder of SparkToro

Founded with co-partner Casey Henry, SparkToro is an Audience Intelligence platform that gives you a deep understanding of which audience follow your website on YouTube, Twitter, etc. It gives you a clear understanding of who your target customers love and how they love to spend time online.

Launched in April 2020, the platform has more than 12,000 free users and 160 paying subscribers. It has created a fake-follower calculator that bagged funding of $1.8 million in funding. It uses machine learning algorithms to separate fake accounts from real ones. 

Spark Toro data is highly accurate, but there are occasional gaps in capturing numbers, content, and shares from the social media account. SparkToro specializes in searching thousands of social media accounts, podcasts, websites, and other channels to extract information about a specific business audience. 

More about SEO Expert Rand Fishkin 

Born on July 10, 1979, to the parents Scott Fishkin and Gillian Muessi, Fishkin attended the University of Washington in Seattle. But he was always obsessed with the World Wide Web since high school. He started the SEO Moz blog, a hit among search marketers. 

The popularity of Fishkin can be assessed by the fact that he has more than 4 million followers on Twitter alone. He also maintains his prominent presence on other social media channels such as Facebook, with 34K followers, and Instagram, with 10.8K followers. He was married to the author Geraldine DeRuiter in 2008. She is also famous for her blog ‘the Everywhereist.' She is an avid traveler and shares her experiences and adventure.

His work on SEO has been presented at many conferences. He is an active contributor to the magazines like Entrepreneur, Forbes, and Huffington Post.

He also co-founded 'inbound.org,' which was purchased by Hubspot later in 2014. He is also accredited with gratitude like '40 under 40' from Seattle times and '30 under 30' young people from BusinessWeek. He also appeared in the publications such as Inc 500, Newsweek, and The Next Web. 

Rank Fishkin Net Worth

He worked hard for his branding and arranged a fund of around $30 million in his three rounds of funding. According to CB insights, Moz was valued at $120M in January 2016. In 2011, he announced that he has just $25000 in his bank account, indicating his financial crunch. His followers soon poured in money, and today the estimated net worth of Rand is around 12M.

Key Takeaway

SEO Expert Rand Fishkin is one of the successful entrepreneurs in the world of SEO which helped several startups from their inception till now. With his utmost commitment to assisting companies in maximizing their search engine optimization, he has incredibly contributed to the SEO industry.