Matt Diggity - Mastermind behind The Affiliate Lab

The millennials of the 21st century are technology freaks and eager to learn how to optimize any task using their respective tools. One such tool is Search Engine Optimization or popularly called SEOs. If one wants to learn the flair behind SEO, one needs an  SEO expert to excel in this domain. Matt Diggity is that person who is a well-known and respected SEO expert and has a large number of social followers. Matt Diggity is well known as the CEO and Founder of Diggity Marketing, a platform for SEO learning, content, courses, and many more.

Matt Diggity has an engineering background and has developed mastery in SEO and digital marketing. He has been featured in The New York Post and  Search Engine Journal. Ahrefs recognized his expertise in this field, and they listed him in a list entitled "Top SEO Blogs to Follow" published by them.

SEO Expert Matt Diggity


Matt Diggity

Date of Birth

January 16th, 1979

Place of Birth

United States


CEO and Founder of Diggity Marketing

SEO influencer, conference keynote speaker, and blogger



Popular Video Series

13 Millionaire Advice of the World's Top SEOs


Showcased in Search Engine Journal, The New York Post, and

Made an entry in Ahrefs' "Top SEO Blogs to Follow."

Net worth 

Above $5,000,000

How Matt Diggity began his journey?

Matt Diggity has completed his bachelor's and Masters in Electrical Engineering. He worked for a Silicon Valley startup company before moving on to his love of digital marketing and SEO. According to him, that organization gave him many valuable lessons, but he was unsatisfied with the hectic work schedule and cubicle lifestyle. He spent his extra time apart from work experimenting with SEO. Soon, he bid goodbye to that job and became his boss. He is fully employed in SEO and digital marketing.

Around 2012, he partnered up and started the Diggity Links rental service. His hard work paid off in 2014 when several organizations failed, but Diggity Links remained untouched. Later, he became Director of SEO operations, with prime responsibility for organizing the websites using some test methodology developed for this type of analysis. The Diggity Blog found its way to share the test results produced by the Diggity Lab. He currently enjoys the position of CEO in this organization. 

Diggity has flourished, and various digital marketing and SEO-linked organizations have flourished during these years. Presently, he is providing consulting, courses, and world-class strategies on SEO and digital marketing through Diggity Marketing to increase the growth and profitability of customer service.

Matt Diggity and his take on flipping websites

Diggity was introduced to earning affiliate commissions and the art of ranking websites by one of his friends. Over time, he pioneered this field and discovered the most profitable tool, flipping. According to Diggity, one could easily earn 30–40 times their monthly profit by selling affiliate websites. A small fraction of that money earned was used to create more websites. Hence, generating more profits.

He decided to teach these methods to others, so he began creating content and courses. As a result, The Affiliate Lab was created.

Matt Diggity explains How to Double your Online Traffic.

According to Matt Diggity, on-page, links, and technical factors are the strongest pillars of a successful SEO campaign. The SEO campaign starts with good content supported by referral links and technical tools to analyze and present.

Diggity suggests the following steps to double the online traffic on any  website: 

  1. Google has fixed a limit on how much time it requires to crawl a website. Hence, one has to manage the crawl budget to prevent index bloat.
  2. To ignore duplicate information, implement hreflang tags at the appropriate places.
  3. Improve keyword visibility according to the relevant topic and target long-tail keywords with supplementary blogs.
  4. Find out the least-performing pages on the website and improve their ranking to boost the overall ranking of your website drastically.
  5. Internal links are imperative to power up your website ranking. 
  6. Periodic inspection and improving the web core vitals also contribute to improve your website rankings.
  7. Link building is another prominent strategy which often marketers look leading to low performing websites. 
  8. Optimize the on-page elements such as page titles, images, meta descriptions and headings. 

Matt Diggity’s Take on Content Strategies

Diggity believes that the most crucial factor for high ranking is the website's content, and the future entirely depends on the data. He suggests looking into the algorithm as it is getting more challenging daily. So, if one does not keep up with the advancement, he will be left behind.

Building one's brand must be prioritized, as popular websites sell exceptionally well in the market. Diggity recommends devoting at least 6-9 months to profit hunting if you are starting. He recommends choosing an evergreen niche category, like if you focus on health, then go for fitness. 

‘Your chosen topic should be such that you should not make any other changes over time but focus on improving its content on a timely basis, he added.

He further said, beginning with long-tail keywords is the most easily achievable target for your website rankings. He propagates to make such decisions that you are familiar with you have complete knowledge of is the first step to running your business efficiently. 

His content strategies focus on the queries raised by the user and think of a polite and understandable way of answering them in his content.

Matt Diggity Net Worth

Matt Diggity has a net worth of more than $400,000. It is only an approximation. He runs many websites, courses, and other related activities. He is also into the website flipping business and has closed some excellent deals totaling more than $100,000. 

Key Takeaway

Matt Diggity is one of the most influential names in the field of SEO and has in-depth knowledge of Search Engine Optimization. His passionate about learning and is always ready to experiment with his ideas. To fully diversify the link industry relating to quality, footprint elimination, and establishing a new standard for customer service, his contribution is very reliable in link-building. The primary reason is that Matt Diggity is more comprehensive regarding his link-building approach.