SEO For Events: Proven Ways To Increase Google Visibility For Your Events
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January 20, 2020
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April 18, 2020

SEO For Events: Proven Ways To Increase Google Visibility For Your Events

seo for events

There is nothing more fulfilling than an event planner having a successful launch and online elation of their events. And for an event to be a successful one, it means it has to reach more people. So, the question now is, how do you make this possible? How do you present your event to ensure that it reaches the right audience? The answer is quite simple – just like other niches, you need to know how to do SEO for events.

Why worry so much about how the ideal audience will find your event when all you need is a good SEO? It is well known that every day, there are millions of queries on Google on events and activities. And, Google being the topmost platform for answering any question provides an answer to these queries by pulling information from event websites that ranked high in the search results.

“Search” is highly important to the success of your event. You need to understand how your audience will search for the event you are planning to post. That way, you will be able to incorporate the necessary keyword to get it ranked high on Google.

But before that, you must know about the search engine result features which include, “events carousel” and the “events pack.” Both are search engine results page features, but there is a huge difference between the two.

For “events carousel,” when you click on a result, it sends you to a new search result page but in “events pack,” it will take you to the event page that Google has crawled and indexed.

As an event planner or website owner, before you go ahead and do SEO for events, you must get these sorted out.

  • Your target audience

Before starting your event, make sure you establish your audience; know the people you want to attend. This will help you be more focused. Aside from that, it will help you build audiences to target, especially if you are going to use paid promotion channels, especially on social media to promote your event.

  • Your goals for the event

It is difficult to come across a successful event without goals. As an event planner, you should set the goals you hope to achieve with your event and document them. It could be ticket sales, event impressions, ticket revenue, social mentions, etc.

With these in mind, let us go ahead and look at some tips on how to do SEO for events:-

Have a structured page

To have good SEO for the event website, then your page needs to be structured very well. While creating this page, if you want to get the full benefit of organic search results, you need to mark it up with event schema. The necessary areas you need to have marked up include the venue, address, name of the event, the date, and description.

Google helps you list the type of markup you should include on your page and also gives guidelines on when not to use schema markup for your events.

Create quality content

This is another important part of doing SEO for an event. If you want to keep your readers coming back for more on your website, you need to create content that is engaging and compelling and in doing that, it takes a lot of dedication and sincerity. In addition to creating quality content, be sure that it is accurate too. All relevant information should be presented in an insightful way for both search engines and users.

Keywords should be strategically placed

keyword Placement on event Page

In other to achieve good SEO marketing for events, you should conduct keyword research – find out terms or words that your audience will most likely search for. Again, having some ideas on what triggers the event carousel or event pack, you should take advantage of them and optimize your event names. That way, you will get more traffic to your event pages.

Leverage on sites certified by Google to sell tickets

Another smart way to have a good SEO for the event website is to leverage on those sites certified by Google to sell tickets. It is not sites that have the liberty to sell event tickets, Google only allows users to buy tickets from few sites which include, Eventbrite, StubHub, VividSeats, Songkick, Ticketmaster, LiveNation, TicketFly and

When you get listed on some of these sites, not only does it help promote your event to reach a wider audience, it equally gives them another method to buy tickets to your event, and you get to have a link back to their domain.

Take time and date into consideration

In boosting your event SEO, you should take the event’s time and date into consideration. You should use event schema to mark up your event time and date. You should also be specific when doing so. This is because Google cares so much about the timing of an event, and even though the event will take place on non-consecutive days, an event page should be created for each day and should be marked up with event schema too.

Keep an eye on your event listing

In addition to doing all of the above, it is still very important to keep an eye or monitor your event listing to know the progress you have made so far, whether it is reaching the right audience and the clicks you are getting from them. Google Search Console Enhancements section will help you take care of this. It equally helps you discover mistakes you must have made in your event markup.


As an event creator, reading these tips should get you pumped up and excited about the prospect of event SEO. These tips should get you well equipped to plan your event and take advantage of the SEO strategy in the process.

But if you are still overwhelmed by the strategies, push the worries to the best SEO freelancer in Mumbai.

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Jagdish Prajapat
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