Optimize Your Link With Top 4 SEO Friendly URL Checker
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Optimize Your Link With Top 4 SEO Friendly URL Checker

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You’d think that what impact would a link have on your SEO. Even links to your webpage have high impacts on the search engine optimization of your website. SEO friendly URL checker is essential for everyone to use as it helps to create an optimized URL

Links are the gateway through which a person visits your webpage, the first thing that google shows the audience or the first thing that a person check out through any channel is the url itself, if the url is not clear or it looks suspicious or maybe even spammy, you are going to lose potential clients. 

What is an SEO friendly URL? 

SEO friendly URL is a URL which accurately describes the webpage and its content using keywords for both the users and search engines. Well according to Backlinko following are the stats or facts about URL and the impact of it on SEO:

  • Keyword in the URL is #51 on Google’s top-ranking factors
  • URL path is listed as #47 on Google’s top-ranking factors 
  • URL length is listed as #46 on Google’s top-ranking factors
  • The URL string is #52 on Google’s top-ranking factors
  • Google suggests to use hyphens or dashes (-) rather than underscores (_), as it treats hyphens as separators between words in a URL.

The above facts clearly state how significant it is for the URL to be SEO friendly. To check the friendliness of SEO in the URL you need tools for checking SEO friendly URLs, these tools are specifically created to help you optimize the URL of your webpage.

Characteristics of SEO friendly URL 

These characteristics are universally accepted and compiled for you to create the most SEO friendly URL for your webpage. 

Also, check out these SEO statistics in 2020 which will help you in creating great search engine optimization for your website.

  1. Https – HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure is a must for a good SEO rating for your webpage according to google.
  2. Short URLs tend to rank better than long ones according to Backlinko.
  3. You can either use hyphen or underscore for space between characters, but hyphens are a superior choice of them both.
  4. It is suggested to stick with lowercase in the link rather than using capital letters.
  5. Unlike the popular belief of stop words, they are not actually a big deal but it would be better if you don’t use them as they would make the URL longer than it needs to be.
  6. Use the “safe” characters in your URL rather than “unsafe” characters for which you can check out Perishable Press.
  7. You should add one or two keywords per URL, in no way you should do keyword stuffing in the link or you will be penalized by Google.

Here are 4 SEO Friendly URL Checker Tools to Help You:


This website has a simple UI and is easily understandable. All you need to do is go to the website and it is free to use for an SEO friendly URL test. You just simply have to add the link of the webpage (upto 100 links) in the given box in the website and push the button “Analyze Links”. Rest everything will be done by the tool and it will analyze the link and get the result in a matter of seconds. 


SEO friendly URL checkers

This page suggests that you should avoid using parameters in the link of the webpage as they make URLs less inviting for users to click or share. Check the SEO friendly URL of your webpage and the page of your competitor(s), well if you want to check links of multiple URLs you have to create an account and login with the credential to use their complete service. 


This SEO friendly URL checker is as simple as it gets, copy a link you want to take a URL SEO friendly test for and then paste it into the bar which will be available on the web page, and run the analysis. The drawback of this tool is that you cannot add multiple links into the bar and hence have to add links one by one which is tiring. 


SEO friendly URL test is important to keep your website link at par with the SEO norms of Google and to help you with achieving such a task, Seoptimer will complete this for you. Add the link you want to check and then this tool will run its algorithm to determine whether your page links appear friendly (easily human or search engine readable) or not. The drawback of this website is the same as of seomator, this website too doesn’t support multiple SEO friendly URL tests, only one link at a time is allowed. 

I made this article by covering most of the points that you should keep in mind for creating a near-perfect URL and then check it with appropriate tools with multiple options. To create proper webpage links and step up your SEO game use tools that SEO experts use so that you rank better on search engines

Jagdish Prajapat
Jagdish Prajapat
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