This is the Case Study of how I worked as SEO consultant for an eCommerce Portal from scratch and made it a success in very less time. The project work included website Revamping, on-page optimization, Off-Page Optimization, and Content Marketing.

About the Project:- 

Trusted and oldest online store to sell first copy watches online in India of all kinds. They have been in the business for the past 10 years and have a huge number of satisfied customers in this duration from all over India.

Challenges and requirements

The client on-boarded with us towards the end of 2019. The company was facing issues when it came to generating revenue and increasing its daily website traffic. Since the client wanted to dominate a niche that was highly competitive and ruled High Authority websites, exact match domains, and other prominent players in the Industry.

They wanted to build a core audience by ranking niche-relevant B2C keywords on the first page of Google search results, thereby increasing its visibility.

The company laid emphasis on the following growth metrics:

  • Increase in number of conversions and brand revenue.
  • Increase in Organic traffic on the Portal.
  • Manifest the brand as an authority in the field.
  • Efficient content optimization based on the user intent 

Achievement Summary

The client always focuses on providing high quality and premium replica products to the targeted customers at an affordable price. Our data-driven SEO Approach and Content marketing Strategy led to a 10x increase in the daily organic traffic within a meager period of 8 months and a four-fold spike in the revenue from less than $100/month to nearly $4000/month as well. 

Our Key findings

By performing detailed research on its competitors and testing their sites for the targeted keywords, we found that:

    • Only a highly authoritative website and exact domain sites ranked on the first page of Google SERP.
    • Absence of keyword specific meta tags as compared to our competitors.
    • Apart from dominating the first page, our competitors also followed a highly organized and hierarchical site structure.
    • Competitor sites were optimized in terms of Onpage and Offpage efforts and served the user intent.
    • They also had a high number of authoritative backlinks coming from relevant sites, whereas our website was flooded with do-follow directed outbound links that needed to be blocked.

Tools and resources used

Based on our findings above, we put the following tools to good use during the entire execution process:

  • SEMrush – Keyword research, tracking and On-site audits
  • Ahrefs – Competitor Analysis
  • Screaming Frog – Website Analysis
  • Scrapebox – Data fetching, and sitemap generation 
  • Google Analytics – Website Traffic analysis
  • Google Webmasters  – Website Health Checkup and Crawlability Analysis
  • Hotjar – Online behaviour, improving the website experience 
  • NinjaOutreach: Guest Post Outreach Campaigns
  • Businesswire: Press Release Campaigns

Executing the strategy

Post an in-depth site audit and analysis of our website and its competitors. We decided to divide the entire SEO strategy into 3 unique sections:

  • Content and Topical Relevance:- 

As the site was ailing in terms of page-level optimization, content strategies specific to the user intent were devised to optimize the website right alongside our competitors and achieve the desired results in a limited period of time.

  • Authority building and keyword research
    • Authority: The client wanted to develop thought leadership and expertise in the Industry. As a result, building authority of the website was one of the main tasks, and for this, the link building activities were divided into branded, Pillow & Outreach links.
    • Extensive Keyword Research:  Keyword selection based on the top trends & customer searches online to ensure a higher conversion rate as per the user intent. 
  • On-page efforts 
    • Making the Site On-page Ready: Initially, the website was under-optimized in terms of On-page efforts. Therefore, the following measures were taken:
      • Inadequate keywords in the titles – To cater to this problem, keywords and call-to-action statements were added to the titles.
      • Fixed Technical issues on the website by creating dynamic logics for the entire site, and strategies for ‘Train between two cities.’
      • Adding more content on the targeted pages, optimizing the blog page, interlinking with the website, etc.

Working methodology:

Running along the lines of the strategy, we followed these steps to overcome the issues:

  • Overall Analysis of our website
  • Optimizing the website for a better UI
  • Technical Audit of our website via SEMRush and Screaming frog
  • SSL Implementation to make the website more secure as Search Engines prefer a safe website
  • Page Speed Optimization & making the site Mobile Responsive
  • Added optimized Alt tags to images
  • Internal linking Optimization 
  • Solved Keyword cannibalization issue for stable Ranking on SERP
  • Dynamic strategy to create meta tags for product pages 
  • Created Pillar pages to support the category pages for stable keyword Ranking on SERP.
  • Crawl budget Optimization by deindexing all those pages which are consuming crawl budget of the website (tags, filter pages, pagination issue, indexing of images in Google, etc.)
  • Fixing HTTP to HTTPS redirects.

Focused on Mobile-first indexing Optimization

    • Google reviews the mobile and desktop website activity to rank a website in a way that benefits the visibility, based on how people use it.
    • Mobile-first indexing is a technique that tells Google to use the mobile version of the website for Ranking and indexing. The world is advancing at a very fast pace today, and it has become of utmost importance to mobile-optimize a website for greater ease and to interact with a broader audience.

On-Site Content Enhancement (EAT-YMYL Concept): 

At the time when we started working, the website had nearly 3000+ un-optimized pages. We revamped the overall content on the website according to our targeted keywords by setting up dynamic logics and improving the overall content structure of our website. Adding value to users with the content that aligns with the search trends and placement of the right keywords within.

We strictly follow the EAT guidelines laid out by Google and knows how relevant content is for the user; it means:

E: Expertness

A: Authoritativeness

T: Trustworthiness

Because it directly depends on YMYL: Your Money Your Life

Our content was written by recognized Industry Experts and a wide Blogger Network that has the credibility to build the trust in users.

As a result, our organic rankings on targeted keywords saw a surge, and subsequently, Organic Traffic also soared.     

    • Added Service based keywords in the descriptions
    • Added Content in Category pages
    • Added regular blogs to improve topical relevancy and freshness on the Portal.

Off-page activities to Boost Rankings:

We were able to acquire many high-quality links to our website from relevant niche directories, Wikipedia, Blog Commenting, Social Bookmarking, Classified Submissions, Press Releases & Guest Blogging and increased the overall organic visibility of the website. This was critical in increasing the overall authority of our website and has dramatically improved our organic visibility.

  • Local Business Listings to improve Citations and anchor text diversity.
  • Profile Creations on High Authority Forums and Websites to boost branding and authority signals.
  • Contextual Links:
    • Guest Blogging Outreach
    • Content-based outreach
    • Competitor based outreach
    • Relationship-based outreach
    • Global Paid Press Release (PR)
    • Indian Press Release


With careful strategic implementations and combined efforts of the whole teams, we were able to achieve:


  • 10x Traffic Growth in less than 8 months
  • Within the 8 months, Website organic sessions increased from Zero per month to 10.1 K per month.
  • Monthly Revenue increased from 100 USD to 4000 USD via organic traffic.
  • Leader in the online Industry with Highest Market share

Keyword Improvements

Within the last 8 months, the number of keywords ranking in increased significantly.

  • Out of 50 Keywords, 45 Keywords Ranking in top 3 Positions of Google
  • Rest all keywords are in Ranking in the top 10 Position of Google.

Market Share of Voice:-

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