About the company:

Villas on Rent enables you to directly engage with private villa owners without any middleman whatsoever. Unlike other booking platforms, Villas on Rent does not charge the customers any service fee or commission for inquiries.

Their motto is to fulfill people’s dreams of traveling the world without having to pay anything extra than they need to. 

With our services, Villas on Rent aspired to become a thought leader in the industry and rank for highly relevant search terms to boost their organic visibility on the Internet, thereby scaling their business.

Key Competitors:


When we partnered with Villas on Rent around June 2020, our primary objective was to increase their organic visibility which was then majorly occupied by market leaders as a result of their higher authority and relevant links pointing to the website from popular news and PR portals.

An increase in the organic visibility would have meant a stronger SERP positioning as well as generation of high-quality, intent-specific leads for the brand which would ultimately result in more business, at the end of the day.

  • To generate organic traffic
    • Optimized over 12,000+ poorly developed pages and structured them for a better user experience
    • Improving the site’s URL structure and optimizing the crawl budget by eliminating index bloating
    • Creating a dynamic model to optimize the website without having to do it manually, owing to the big size of the website
    • Embedding a separate sitemap that is specific to the locations served and listings
    • Getting rid of unwanted pages from the website and performing overall sanity to improve the UI hierarchy
  • To generate leads, in addition to the above, we also had to:

    • Publish high-authority PR’s on relevant travel portals as the niche was too competitive
    • Find a way to reach wider masses owing to the after-effects of the COVID-19 virus
    • Optimizing the site for global reach and targeting the city-wise pages
    • Fixing the Japanese hack


There were 3 main pillars to ranking keywords on the SERP for Villas on Rent, namely:

  • Extensive Keyword Research:
    Our keyword selection comprised of a mix of moderate to high competition keywords with high search volumes targeting 70% Indian and 30% Global audiences for a fair distribution of incoming visitors.
  • Content Strategies:
    Fresh content strategies were prepared, keeping in mind the content pattern and overall analytics of the competitors to design content that is at par with them.
  • Authority:
    Developing the overall authority of the website was one of the major tasks in setting a solid foundation for the brand.

Here’s how we took things up:

  • We created a wholesome dynamic technical strategy for the website targeting each and every city page, precisely after studying the target audience behavior
  • Tracking of 60 intent-rich keywords was set up in parallel to a tailor-made content strategy with SEO-specific enhancements embedded
  • Our team also optimized the website’s crawl budget from 18,000 indexed pages to 6,420 pages only with the help of a custom-made strategy

  • Usage of industry-leading tools like Ahrefs, SEMrush, Screaming Frog, Majestic SEO, and others was done to fetch important data and analyze the competitors to outrank them from the SERPs
  • Updated the FAQs on each target page as per the search intent
  • Removed 404 pages that were harmful to the website and degraded the user experience
  • Followed a common URL structure to improve the overall site hierarchy:


  • Deindexed unwanted pages from the website and implemented breadcrumbs, canonical tags to ensure proper internal linking throughout the site
  • Resolved the Japanese hacking issue with the help of class-leading research and tool support
  • Reoptimized the blog pages to increase informational leadership and blog traffic


Project Health – Work Inception (June 2020):

Take a look at the website vitals during the initial days:

  • SEMrush Audit Health Score

    • SEMrush Audit Score is only 61%
    • Total Critical error on the website is 980 Approx.
    • Around 3,015 Approx. Technical Warning
  •  Traffic Analysis:
    • Initial Monthly Organic Traffic:- 500 Organic Users/month (May 2020)
    • Website Signup – 3/month
    • In the top 10 only 12 keywords ranking:

    • Overall keywords on which the website had impressions:

Improved Project Health (Jan 2021):

  • Consistent growth in organic traffic: 
    • From 500 Monthly Organic users to 8,512 Organic users/Month
    • 439.93% Growth in New Organic Users
    • 308.35% Growth in Organic Sessions

  • Goal Conversions:
    • 574.82% Growth in sign up from Organic Traffic

  • Keyword Ranking in top 10:
    • In top 3: 108 Keywords Ranking 
    • In top 10: 719 Keywords Ranking

  • Some of the top-performing keywords:

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