A 400% Growth Case Study of Absolute PCB Assembly


  • Astonishing 400% surge in organic traffic
  • Over 350 Keywords ranking in the top 10 positions on Google
  • Deployment and optimization of 150+ blog strategies


Absolute Electronics Services, a respected provider of high-quality PCB assembly services since its inception in 1995, set out to fortify its digital footprint, connecting with a broader customer base. In this case study, we plunge into the collaboration between Absolute Electronics Services and our team, unearthing a transformative journey towards enhancing their online presence and engagement.


Before venturing into the realm of SEO, Absolute Electronics Services faced several formidable challenges:

  • Online Invisibility: Despite their proven expertise and strong track record, the company grappled with minimal online visibility, obstructing potential clients from discovering their services.

  • Competitive Landscape: The electronics manufacturing sector teemed with fierce competition, as numerous companies vied for the same clientele. Absolute Electronics Services needed to emerge as a distinctive player in this crowded arena.

  • Diverse Client Base: With a wide-ranging clientele spanning various industries, the company needed a strategy capable of resonating with an array of potential customers.


The core objectives of the SEO campaign for Absolute Electronics Services included:

  • Elevate Online Visibility: Secure prime positions on search engine results pages, guaranteeing first-page rankings for relevant keywords.

  • Boost Website Traffic: Channel organic traffic to the website, with a focus on augmenting the influx of high-quality leads.

  • Showcase Expertise: Assert the company's position as an industry leader through the creation of valuable content and educational resources.

  • Engage Multifarious Industries: Tailor the SEO strategy to connect with clients from diverse sectors, including consumer electronics, telecommunications, LED lighting, medical, and automotive.

  • Fortify Thought Leadership: Forge and publicize industry-specific whitepapers, webinars, and expert interviews to establish Absolute Electronics Services as a thought leader in PCB assembly.

Strategy and Execution

  • Comprehensive Keyword Research: A rigorous exploration of keywords identified the most pertinent and high-impact terms for Absolute Electronics Services, tailored to the distinctive demands of each industry segment.

  • Holistic On-Page Optimization: A holistic on-page optimization effort encompassed the refinement of title tags, meta descriptions, and content enhancements, ensuring a search engine-friendly and user-centric website.

  • Content Curation: The formulation of a comprehensive content strategy birthed informative blog posts, case studies, and guides, effectively showcasing the company's expertise and addressing industry-specific challenges.

  • Backlink Building: A methodical campaign for securing strategic backlinks was initiated, elevating the website's authority and credibility in the eyes of search engines.

  • Technical SEO Enhancement: Technical optimization endeavors encompassed aspects such as page speed, mobile responsiveness, and site structure to enhance the user experience.

Results: (Year 2023 vs. Year 2022)

  1. Meteoric Website Traffic Growth: Witnessing an astonishing 400% surge in organic traffic, the website became a conduit for a substantial increase in leads.
  • 404.25% Growth in Organic Users
  • 402.88% Growth in Organic New Users
  • 427.16% Growth in Organic Sessions
  1. Thought Leadership Attainment: The company's blog and resource section soared in popularity, securely positioning Absolute Electronics Services as an industry thought leader.
  • Over 350 Keywords ranking in the top 10 positions on Google
  • Deployment and optimization of 150+ blog strategies